Welcome to the Millsaps College Art Department website, which we’ve organized to help you easily find information. But we also hope you’ll spend some time just exploring these pages, as well as the Millsaps College website. In addition, our Facebook page includes updates about ongoing art events in the department, at Millsaps, and in Jackson, along with news headlines from the art world.

· Prospective students can find out more about our facilities (including our new building that we’ll be moving into in 2019!) and our majors, minors, and concentrations.

· Current students will find useful links about internships, study abroad programs, awards and scholarships, art-related books and movies, tips for writing art history papers, senior comps, advice from alumni, graduate schools, and career opportunities.

· Our Alumni page lists information about what former art majors have been up to since they graduated. Prospective and current students can gain a lot of insight into career options by skimming this impressive list! Our alumni often mention that they’d love to advise or mentor current students – an advantage of being at a close-knit liberal arts college!

· Also check out current and past exhibitions in our Lewis Art Gallery! More specific times and dates for openings, receptions, and artist talks can be found on our Facebook page.


Art Classes 2017 - 31