“Cocoon” at Millsaps ~ 03/02/2012

On Friday, March 2nd at 7pmDaniel Johnson will be giving a short presentation on Cocoon Jackson in the Christian Center Lounge as part of a 1 Campus 1 Community organizational meeting.

Cocoon Jackson is an interactive community art installation in the art garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Artist Kate Brown brings this international project to Jackson to engage our community in dialog through art. Taking place over the course of 2 weeks in March, this project invites participation for all members of the greater Jackson community in building the large cocoon, creating small individual cocoons, walking in a procession of the cocoon skins through downtown Jackson, and lending their voice to a vision for Jacksons future. To learn more about all the different ways to be involved, join local field coordinator Daniel Johnson in the Christian Center Lounge Friday, March 2th at 7pm for a presentation on the event.

Please visit the project website to learn more:

Cocoon Jackson, March 12-24, 2012
Click here for Events, Dates and Times in Jackson, MS
Click here for the Cocoon Jackson Project Overview
Click here the learn How to … make a Little Cocoon in Jackson, MS


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