Chad Hartwig ~ TODAY 04/02/2012

From our e-lecture series (Spring 2012) TODAY:

Chad Hartwig, sculptor and potter. April 2, 2012 @ 1:00 pm in the digital arts lab
(3rd floor of the AC).

You are invited to join the Advanced Studio Art class for the e-lecture:

“A Conversation of Structure and Agency”  with ceramic artist Chad Hartwig.

Chad will join us via Skype for an hour-long slide lecture and conversation.  He will discuss recent work, inspiration, and thought process.  We hope you can join us!

“Intellectually, the majority of my interest lies in the discussion surrounding ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ or to be more specific, ‘Agency vs. Structure’. I have personally had the pleasure of directly experiencing both sides of this dichotomy through the perspective of a civilized, suburban life and one comparable to the ‘return to nature’ actions of the protagonist in Sydney Pollack’s film Jeremiah Johnson (1972). What I know as a very distilled existence juxtaposed against the fluidity of a wilderness understanding has led me to appreciate both the faculties and inadequacies of each. Entangled in the latter, the uniqueness of nature and agency wrestle with isolation and division while the former nurtures the comfort of social structure and commonalities, while being surrounded by dissonance and conflict. Trying to balance conventional cultural ideals of existence and civilized versions of presence is where I find a point of departure for my sculptural ceramics.”


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