Lewis Art Gallery director, daniel johnson


Press Release

Mississippi Museum of Art Announces
2014 C3 Participatory Art Project
Facilitated by artist agency Significant Developments

(Jackson, Miss) … The Mississippi Museum of Art (the Museum) recently hired local relational aesthetics agency Significant Developments to facilitate a research and development art work for their annual community engaged art series C3: Conversation. Creativity. Community.

Beginning this past December, Significant Developments is enacting their art work, Core Sample, a work of Significant Developments, LLC, as part of the C3 series. Core Sample is a process of community sampling, inviting Mississippians and visitors to submit symbols which reflect their individual identity. These symbols are transcribed onto clay bells which will be presented in resonance with each other as a public installation in The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art (The Art Garden). The project is running through March 14, 2014.

The bell assembly line is fully participatory and is located inside the Entergy Classroom at the Museum operating Thursdays from 10 AM-2 PM, Saturdays from 1-5 PM, and during the entire week of Spring Break March 11-14.. The bell assembly line involves the public in the hand-built ceramic process, creating bells for the survey. People are invited to work at various stations along the line so as to be connected to the collection of bells rather than making their own individual bell. Symbols collected state-wide are inscribed onto the bells at the final station.

About Significant Developments
Significant Developments is a socially engaged art work acting within the legal framework of a limited liability company. Chief Aesthetics Officer daniel johnson leads a team of artists to facilitate communities and organizations in strategic advancement through capacity-building aesthetic interactions.


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