Congratulations to Emily Simmons, Jenna Johnson, and Kate Aten: Honorees of the 2015 Millsaps Student Exhibition!

Local artist Jerrod Partridge served as juror for this year’s Student Exhibition, and he explained about the March 23 award ceremony, “I am looking for the delicate balance of concept, creativity, technique, and presentation.  I am not comparing the work to others in the gallery, but judging each piece by its own potential. I chose to give an honorable mention award to Jenna Johnson’s ‘A Growing Economy’ because there was a particularly strong idea or concept for the piece. I chose to give an honorable mention award as well to Kate Aten’s collection of six pieces ‘On the Shore of the Wide World’ because of her designs which appeared fluid and balanced. I chose to give the Best in Show award to Emily Simmons’ ‘Self’ which displayed an interesting concept reminiscent of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus creatively using a variety of mediums in a very clean and pleasing manner. Everyone who had artwork included in the exhibition should be proud of their work and their struggles, and it is my hope that they are encouraged and challenged to dig deep into the possibility of art having a social and spiritual impact on our culture.”  Following presentation of the awards, Jared shared advice on submitting work to juried shows and choosing frames and method of presentation. Thanks to all who submitted and congratulations again to Emily, Jenna, and Kate!


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