New Group of Art Scholars!

We’re delighted to welcome Ashton Ates, Grayston Barron, Emilie Davis, Amanda Greening, Leah Guan, Ambrielle Harris, Emma Hurstell, Anna Frances Stroud, and Justin Stubblefield as Art Scholars, class of 2019!


Emily Simmons’ message from the Children’s Museum

As the Arts Educator at the Mississippi Children’s Museum, there really is never a dull moment. I’ve been exposed to informal teaching, not just in the arts, but also in STEM, Mississippi history, literacy, and healthy living – but most importantly how all of these work together.

Oh yeah, and I was in a play… where I not only acted for the first time but got to design the backdrop and make the costumes.

Emily, at left:



Madeleine Calcote’s email from grad school

“The art history department at Millsaps College introduced me to the world of art and to some of my best friends.  In class I learned to analyze and discuss art ranging from the cave paintings in Lascaux to Jeff Koons’ balloon animals.  I became confident in my opinions and ideas because the teachers and students in the department were always willing to listen and offer advice or encouragement.  I am currently attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas and I am working on my Masters degree in Museum Studies.  We have taken some really awesome field trips and we usually get ‘behind the scenes’ tours, which are pretty cool!  I love getting to see the collections storage area in different museums because you might see a Rodin sculpture or Annie Oakley’s rifle!” Here she’s on a field trip to Fort Worth in Fall 2015, posing in a covered wagon at the Log Cabin Village.


Art History Graduates Move On to Impressive Jobs and Graduate Programs!

Our three art history seniors who graduated in May 2015 quickly found good use for their degrees: Isabel Gray was employed as the Education and Outreach Specialist at the Eudora Welty House in Jackson; Emily Simmons is the Arts Educator at the MS Children’s Museum; and Madeleine Calcote (Museum Studies concentration) is in her first year of a Master’s in Museum Studies at Baylor University.

Student Research Abroad

Mary Frances Ivey, junior art history major, travelled to London, England, to conduct research for her honors project on mid-nineteenth century English imagery of working women.  She was awarded two travel grants: an Art History Research Grant from the Millsaps Department as well as the Honors Program Travel Grant.