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Here you will find updates about ongoing art events in the art department, at Millsaps College, and within the community of Jackson, MS, as well as news headlines from the art world. Look out for information on time, place, and availability of the different shows that you will read about. We hope to see you at these various events.


The Studio Art Program at Millsaps College offers beginning through advanced-level courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and digital arts. Special topics in book arts and film, amongst others, are also taught on a regular basis. This year’s graduating class in studio art comprises six students, who are currently working on their upcoming Senior Show in April.

The Art History Program at Millsaps College focuses on enriching students’ understanding of the art of Western civilization by setting it within its broader social and cultural context and by considering the variety of alternatives and responses to the Western tradition. In addition to the traditional chronological period courses, special topics such as Women Artists, Topics in World Art, Methodologies, and Museum Studies are also available to students.


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Faculty Exibition

Millsaps Studio Art faculty members, Kristen Tordella-Williams and Sue Carrie Drummond, are in the Lewis Art Gallery from 1/11/17 to 2/13/17. The artist talk is 1/27/17 at 2pm in the gallery.   Kristen Tordella-Williams 20 (of a projected 40) Wreaths 2015, cast iron, variable dimensions.   Sue Carrie Drummond Known 2017, handmade paper, paper pigments, … Continue reading Faculty Exibition

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