Student Websites

The following are portfolios and website designs from students in the Millsaps College Art Department. We invite you to browse the work of our great students!

Students: add your page by posting a link in the comments.  Please include your url, name, a short description of your site, and the course for which it was made (if any).

2 thoughts on “Student Websites

  1. Molly Morin says:

    Post your websites like this:

    Name: Molly Morin
    Course: Web Design

    Molly Morin uses digital methods, including computer coding, 3D modeling, and digital photo-editing to produce work that explores the difficult relationship between information and meaning. Her projects visualize data sets generated from a wide range of sources, from poetry to text messages, and reflect on the impact of communication technology on daily life.

  2. Morriscarlton says:

    Name: Mo Wilson
    Course: Web Design

    Description: Named after the Zine put out by the punk Buddhist girl from The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, this site is a music blog focused on weird music for weird people. There are album reviews, that will be posted as albums come out, as well as a free downloads page and a list of the top seven songs I’ve been listening to that week.

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